Updates to the BJSS Enterprise Agile Delivery Approach
11 Jan, 2016


  • 2016 update includes a major overhaul accommodating changing market dynamics
  • Approach detailed in the book “BJSS Enterprise Agile: Practical insight and methods for successful IT delivery” (BJSS, 2016, 4th Leeds, 2016, ISBN 978-0-9565371-2-6)
  • Book available for free download from bjss.com/ea and the Apple iBooks Store‎

BJSS, the delivery-focused IT and business consultancy, is today launching a major update to its proven delivery approach, BJSS Enterprise Agile®.

Expanding on traditional agile principles, BJSS Enterprise Agile facilitates the efficient and predictable delivery of software products through values which promote a risk-first, architecture-centric outlook. Since its introduction in 2008, BJSS Enterprise Agile has been the primary delivery method for several hundred projects across six industry sectors, in the UK and USA.

The focus of the updated BJSS Enterprise Agile extends to include the full product lifecycle, while also incorporating increasingly used technologies such as DevOps, Cloud and Big Data.

Recent BJSS Enterprise Agile delivery successes include a global platform which processes over half of all foreign exchange traded worldwide every day, and the successful Spine 2 delivery which produces 750 hours of daily NHS efficiency savings, which resulted in cost savings of £21 million in its first year of operations.

“We created BJSS Enterprise Agile to help organisations realise greater value through increased flexibility to meet user needs,” explains Nigel Wilson, BJSS head of service delivery, and author of the book BJSS Enterprise Agile: Practical insight and methods for successful IT delivery. “This major overhaul adds to our proven approach by accommodating organisations that wish to use Agile to deliver rapid change beyond software delivery projects.”

Glynn Robinson, BJSS managing director says “We have dedicated a great deal of effort in discovering what works, and what doesn’t, when delivering and maintaining enterprise-wide systems. Our BJSS Enterprise Agile approach represents decades of real-world experience in creating industrial-strength software in both the public and private sector. This update expands the scope of our delivery approach, helping organisations in its journey towards achieving organisational agility.”

The new approach is detailed in the book “BJSS Enterprise Agile: Practical insight and methods for successful IT delivery” which can be downloaded free of charge from bjss.com/ea and the Apple iBooks Store.‎