Statement from BJSS regarding the DfE Skills partnership
30 Nov, 2017

Commenting on today’s announcement from the Department for Education Skills Summit, Glynn Robinson, BJSS managing director says:

“We welcome any commitment to the positive reform of technical education. It is a crucial step towards safeguarding our country’s digital competitiveness. In order to train the next generation of highly skilled workers, and to broaden access to the sector, it is key that primary and secondary school teachers are properly equipped and resourced to teach the digital skills that will be required by the time today’s school children enter the workforce.

“We recently conducted research with YouGov and revealed that 67% of teachers throughout feel that they can’t effectively teach coding to children aged between eight and fifteen as they don’t have the right skills or tools. What is more – 76% of teachers surveyed felt that it was important for technology companies in the private sector to engage more with local schools to help.

“At BJSS we are firmly behind the call for employers to support with eliminating the UK’s skills gap. We encourage businesses to directly engage with local communities and schools to highlight the varied careers that children can have in the technology sector. It isn’t just the students that benefit – employees also develop more motivation and pride in their role as a result – so it’s a win-win in many respects.”

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