Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) plays a key role in providing compensation to victims of accidents caused by uninsured drivers. It is embarking on a digital transformation journey and partnered with BJSS to introduce a minimum viable compliant cloud (MVCC) that has helped to accelerate its journey.


    Prior to engaging BJSS, MIB was struggling to kick-start its digital transformation journey. It was burdened by not fit for purpose data centres that lacked scalability and resiliency. MIB’s infrastructure needed to be modernised at pace so it could keep up with the demands of the digital age. This would involve a complete migration of the company’s data to the cloud. Achieving this would require a shift in the company’s culture to one that is focused on agile and DevOps. With no experience in agile and DevOps internally, MIB approached BJSS to support its journey to cloud.

    “It was really invaluable to get BJSS’ experience and to work with a company that is not just focused on cloud and infrastructure. BJSS has been really understanding of MIB’s requirements and culture. They’re now regarded by MIB as being an internal member of the team.” 

    Raj Toora
    Cloud Architect


    We commenced the engagement by gaining an in-depth understanding of MIB’s culture, ways of working and infrastructure. We then utilised this information to develop a MVCC using an agile and DevOps approach. This was the first introduction of DevOps and agile to MIB.  The subsequent delivery included:

    • The implementation of secure hybrid networking
    • An analysis of service and data migration paths
    • Migration service design and the migration of an initial data pipeline to Azure SQL Database Service
    • Migration of SSIS packages to Azure Data Factory / DataBricks
    • Rigorous testing and a fully documented service transition and knowledge transfer


    Improved Security Posture
    The MVCC is a cloud environment that meets the minimum set of requirements to be compliant with MIB’s governance controls and industry regulations. It has been developed using Microsoft Azure technologies, providing MIB with secure network infrastructure, secure hardware and firmware as well automated security testing and monitoring. With the MVCC in place, it can be continuously improved to further enhance its security.

    New Ways of Working
    We built the MVCC using a DevOps and agile approach, two ways of working that MIB was not familiar with. The incremental development of the cloud environment, exposed MIB’s staff to the approaches, showcasing their benefits and allowing for a seamless knowledge transfer. By adopting DevOps and agile ways of working, MIB has been able to improve collaboration within the organisation and speed up its delivery processes.

    New Technologies
    The Azure-based MVCC is MIB’s first step into cloud. Unlike the company’s legacy infrastructure, the MVCC will allow MIB to rapidly develop new services and scale them to meet demand. The remainder of MIB’s data and applications can now be gradually migrated over to the MVCC, with the eventual aim of decommissioning its legacy systems to make it a true cloud-first organisation.

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