BJSS teamed up with the Met Office to perform both user research and design around four of its core services – Meteorological Operational Service Transformation, Service Water Flooding Hazard Impact Model, Weather Observations Website and Network Weather Resilience.

    Each service uses the Met Office’s data in a different way to provide detailed information to Government, transport and industry decision-makers. By working with BJSS UX consultants, the Met Office was able to take a step back and examine their services from a user perspective. Usability testing was carried out, user journeys were analysed, and prototypes were rapidly designed to test out with users.

    This was carried out over a four-week period for each service, providing the Met Office with in-depth insight into the users of each service and access to user-tested prototypes, which are now being used to redevelop these services. As a result of this engagement, the Met Office has a greater understanding of UX research and design and is enabled to produce user-centric, commercialised services.

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