BJSS provided the DVSA with platform engineering expertise to support its new DSVA search solution. This engagement supports Vehicle Searches, such as Technical Records, Encounters, Operator details and Test History. BJSS Technical Support Services (TSS), based on its Service Management offering, integrated and worked collaboratively with the project team to implement this new solution.

    The delivery included the design and production of a release pipeline


    The engagement also includes technical consultancy on the use of AWS technologies and integration with legacy systems, support and development of automated infrastructure deployment, providing a reliable method of uplifting the generated data on a nightly basis from the remote location to the Amazon RDS instance.

    The application is a HTML5 Web Application and a hybrid iOS application for corporate mobile devices.

    BJSS based the solution on an almost entirely Serverless/PAAS stack within Amazon AWS, with Terraform managing infrastructure provision. The use of Serverless technologies continued BJSS’ work with DVSA to modernise its approach to application delivery and new ways of working.

    Our solution uses several AWS services


    AWS CLOUDFRONT: Enables the Search application to make use of the HTTPS protocol for S3-based web content on a given domain name. The CloudFront Geo-Restriction feature restricts access to Search to requests originating from UK IP addresses.

    AMAZON API GATEWAY: Provides the endpoints used by both the Web-based and Native applications. The Gateway is configured as a proxy to pass the full request (including header) into the Lambda Function which encapsulates the functionality for the Search application.

    AWS WAF: Restricts access to the service to known IP addresses.

    AWS LAMBDA: The DVSA Search Lambda function is written in Java and encapsulates routing within the function hence the use of a Proxy configuration on the API Gateway for the application.

    AWS LAMBDA@EDGE: Enables modification and addition of security response headers.

    AMAZON RDS: Contains an import generated from several data warehouse sources.

    AWS KEY MANAGEMENT SERVICE: Supports encryption of Lambda Environment variables.

    AMAZON S3: Used to store backup snapshots, Jenkins build histories, and log files.

    AMAZON CLOUDWATCH: Provides default and custom metrics from the application to DashBoarding and CloudWatch alarms.

    By working collaboratively, DVSA and BJSS technical support services have:

    • Increased users experience by deploying on a robust platform
    • Aligned with DVSA corporate direction of mobile, Cloud and server-less strategies
    • Ensured a seamless transition to Technical Support Service support
    • Provided knowledge transfer to DVSA Corporate Systems DevOps team thereby increasing their ongoing capability
    • Ensured DVSA Search is consistent with the best practices of other DVSA platforms supported by Technical Support Service, increasing efficiencies in supporting and maintaining them
    • Delivered a solution that has received wide acclaim within DVSA and has enabled frontline staff to undertake their operational duties more effectively through more easily accessible intelligence and vehicle-related data.



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