Developed within the NHS, with a range of NHS providers, Doc Abode creates additional total workforce capacity, without taking clinicians away from their usual shift-based work. This helps to address the significant workforce shortfall in primary urgent care with a newly motivated and engaged cohort of clinicians. NHS clinicians, make themselves available on the secure Doc Abode app, taking control of when and where they work. They are notified by the provider when NHS patients in their locality require a home visit and can choose to accept the visit based on information such as whether the patient is their own registered patient, speaks the same language, drive time and clinical speciality.

    If accepted, Doc Abode visits work alongside and in synergy with the core service, providing operational resilience and increased capacity at the time it is needed most. BJSS provided Doc Abode with a complete delivery team to create the solution. Mindful that Doc Abode is a startup company, BJSS deployed ‘full-stack’ engineers, able to undertake a variety of roles including design and build work, as well as integration to key clinical systems and back-end development. This streamlined engineering team also carried out all testing and platform engineering work. The engagement delivered a secure mobile app for GPs to process home visit jobs and a controller app used by the local care administrators to manage job allocation. Additionally, BJSS helped Doc Abode to recruit and take a development team in-house, supporting the foundations to scale the business.

    GPs can now sign up for individual jobs as they choose rather than a full shift. This approach increases the pool of available GPs enabling dramatic improvements in response times. Doc Abode is a multi-award-winning software platform that helps healthcare providers deliver safer, more responsive care by connecting and matching a multi-disciplinary clinical workforce to NHS patient needs, in real-time, based on availability, proximity and expertise.

    The solution is being used to help facilitate the home visits for those recovering from the acute stage of Coronavirus in hospital as they receive home visits as they return back home as well as effectively share GP resources cross boundaries to cover both increased demand and increased sickness levels.



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