It is anticipated that the establishment of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will enable greater devolution as decision making shifts to a regional level. As Integrated Care Systems are established, there is an opportunity for NHS England & Improvement (NHSE&I) to examine the role of its regional teams and identify opportunities to support these new organisations.  

    This includes the programmes of digital change that are being planned and implemented regionally. NHSE&I wants to ensure it is able to support alignment where it makes sense: where there are common challenges and/or where its resources can be used more effectively to improve healthcare and wellbeing at both a regional and ICS level.  

    To this end, the NHSE&I North East and Yorkshire Regional Digital Transformation team sought a partner to undertake a strategy discovery to shape the future role and operating model of NHSE&I in supporting ICS digital delivery and the national NHS agenda. 


    NHSE&I engaged BJSS to work with the North East and Yorkshire Regional Digital Transformation team to understand its strategic aspirations and needs, as well as the challenges of implementing digital programmes and supporting initiatives across the region. To achieve this, BJSS undertook a six-week strategic discovery, engaging with stakeholders representing a number of digital leaders, teams and bodies across the region to:  

    • review digital strategies and frameworks of each Integrated Care System and distil key themes, commonalities, differences, and opportunities for alignment across the region.  
    • understand the ambitions and challenges of each Integrated Care System in terms of implementing its digital strategies and consider the role the region plays to support them. 
    • reflect on the existing role of the region, its relationships with the four Integrated Care Systems, and potential remit for the future. 
    • outline recommendations for changes and improvement to the regional alignment of plans and initiatives. 


    BJSS worked with the NHSE&I North East and Yorkshire Regional Digital Transformation team and ICS leaders to map the ‘Region as a System”, setting out the role of the regional team as a ‘servant-leader’, partnering/brokering knowledge exchange and leading on cultural transformation. In partnership, the teams developed a draft vision and approach to implementing the recommendations.  

    The outcome of the discovery was taken to the regional Digital Transformation Board in May 2021 and is being considered in the context of how NHSE&I can best provide support as Integrated Care Systems develop their digital maturity. It has shared a set of goals and metrics of success to be able to measure and invest in initiatives that drive the digital transformation of the region. 

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