BJSS designed and developed a new digital wealth management service for a global investment company within 3 months 

    This global investment company wanted to design and develop a new digital wealth management service for the next generation of customers.

    Traditionally focused on more sophisticated investors, the client had identified an untapped opportunity in the delegated investor market and wanted to understand how the new service would work, define a compelling user experience, identify the outcomes for the customer and client, and create a roadmap to deliver a live product.

    A proven ability in rapidly delivering prototype solutions 

    The global investment company wanted to work with an organisation that could make their ambitions a reality. It, therefore, selected BJSS’ digital design consultancy, SPARCK, to deliver a prototype solution within tight deadlines.

    Finding the balance between creative solutions and technical feasibility 

    Our Design Thinking methodology was used to turn a high-level objective into an initial Service Blueprint and working prototype in only ten weeks. In parallel, a user-focused technical Discovery underpinned the approach, ensuring a balance between creative solutions and technical feasibility.

    A Research phase drew from a range of data sources, combining user research from three regions – UK, Germany and Japan – and market research, creating a detailed picture of the customer, their needs and behaviour. Using this insight, key artefacts including the core user journey, persona and the top level of a Service Blueprint were created, together with a set of principles to guide the design phase.

    The Design phase explored the best user experiences in the investment sector and other industries, informing the creation of a compelling digital experience that differentiated the new service. Ideation workshops with a diverse range of stakeholders including design, development, architecture and operating model representatives helped develop and refine the key components of the proposition. These ideas were developed into wireframes and a responsive prototype using Webflow, all in the space of just one week. The prototype allowed testing and refinement of key components of the proposition with end customers.

    The initial user journey and user needs were iterated as more was learned about the target users.

    Finally, the user-centred design was combined with the results of the technical Discovery and operating model development, in a detailed Service Blueprint mapping technical capabilities and Actors against the User Journey. This blueprint formed the starting point for gathering further detail, such as assessing the capabilities against a Build/Buy/Reuse matrix and creating detailed User Flows for the steps in the User Journey.

    Introducing a new way of working to the client 

    A new and more productive way of working was introduced to the client’s leadership team and delivery organisation, showing how new solutions can be quickly designed and prototyped to gain rapid, low-cost user feedback.

    Our Design Thinking approach demonstrated an effective method for the business to collaborate with technology delivery colleagues to ensure the rapid definition of an innovative and technically feasible solution. 

    A compelling, differentiated proposition for a new digital service was shaped and delivered in only ten weeks.

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