Drones have never been more affordable and the number of them flying in UK skies has increased dramatically. To help manage this the UK Government has introduced the Drone Registration and Education Scheme (DRES), which will require all those operating drones or model aircraft between 250 grams and 20 kilograms to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and for remote pilots to take an online safety test.

    BJSS in collaboration with the client is developing a new service to support DRES that will be available for the public to register their Drones in compliance with new legislation. All drone operators and pilots are required to register too.

    Adopting the Enterprise Agile approach, the development of this UK-wide service has progressed at pace, receiving GDS approval for both the Discovery and Alpha phases. The service is tested with users and iteratively developed based on their feedback. The final product, which is built on GOV.UK PaaS will be made available a month in advance of the DRES becoming law.

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