Global Design & Innovation Consultancy, SPARCK, Announces its Sponsorship of the Design Thinking Conference in Austin, Texas

    SPARCK, alongside its parent technology consultancy, BJSS, today announces it is sponsoring the Design Thinking conference in Austin, Texas, from the 26th-28th of September 2022. This is the first time SPARCK has sponsored the event, giving event delegates access to the company’s market-leading design consultants.

    On day one of the event, SPARCK and BJSS will host a workshop to explore how organizations can generate new value using Lean product and service design. The team will introduce workshop attendees to the techniques of Lean innovation and show how organizations can combine Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile to rapidly validate, build, and launch new ideas. This is particularly relevant during a time when companies are under pressure to deliver new innovations faster than ever before.

    “For the first time, we will be sponsoring and attending the Design Thinking conference in Austin, Texas, giving us the chance to share our latest insights on Lean product and service design,” says Louisa Marlin, Head of Delivery at BJSS Houston. “We’re looking forward to connecting with delegates, learning more about their challenges, and providing guidance on how design can help them generate value during a time of great uncertainty.”

    “When it comes to organizational transformation, Design Thinking is proving to be a powerful tool,” says Terry Dixon, Head of Customer Success at SPARCK. “The most successful companies in the world continue to harness the approach to deliver human-centric products and innovations and strengthen their competitive positions. The Design Thinking conference presents a perfect opportunity for organizations to come together and discover the best practices when delivering design-led strategies that help people and the planet.”

    To learn more about the event and register to attend, please click here.

    About SPARCK

    SPARCK is the design and innovation heart of global technology consultancy, BJSS. We use research and human-centered design to create technology that serves people and planet. We’re a collective of over 100 thinkers, strategists, designers, technologists, makers, and do-ers. Our diverse skillset spans the breadth of design, from research to service design to product design and innovation and everything in between.

    About Design Thinking 2022

    At #DesignThinking2022, we are excited to convene once again to both recognize the challenges we continue to face and benchmark across the best practices of design thinking and doing in today’s environment. Case studies and challenge activities will elucidate the tools, techniques, and frameworks both beginners and veterans need to grow their human centered capabilities across organizations. Our Design Consortium will convene forward-thinking leaders within the design and innovation space to collaborate and better understand challenges exclusive to the executive level. We will bring forward dialogue around the most pressing topics for designers while emphasizing the growth potential in our craft and profession. For all in attendance, we ultimately seek to provide a sense of community, safety, and an opportunity to more meaningfully reconnect with one another and with ourselves.

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