Today, BJSS launches its latest report, Embracing Tomorrow: Insights for Anticipating and Thriving in an Uncertain Future, shedding light on a concerning reality within the UK business landscape. The report delves into business leaders’ perspectives on the current and future business climate, revealing alarming trends.

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Existential Uncertainty: Half of UK business leaders surveyed expressed uncertainty about the existence of their organisations within the next decade, underscoring a pervasive sense of insecurity in the business environment. 
  • Short-Term Focus: 83% of organisations lack a forward-looking strategy looking beyond 10 years, indicating a trend towards short-term gains over long-term sustainability. 
  • Climate Risk Neglect: Despite increasing concerns about climate change, 75% of organisations admitted to not having concrete risk mitigation plans for climate-related events, potentially leaving them vulnerable to environmental disruptions. 
  • Cybersecurity Misalignment: While 53% of organisations have risk mitigation plans for cybersecurity incidents, only 20% view cyber threats as the most significant risk to their organisation in the next 5-10 years, suggesting a disconnect between perceived threats and preparedness. 
  • AI Awareness Gap: Despite the growing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI), only 4% of respondents expressed concern about disruption from emerging technologies, indicating a potential gap in understanding of AI implications for business. 

Terry Dixon, Head of Growth at SPARCK (part of BJSS), commented, "In economic turbulence, business leaders often prioritise short-term gains, neglecting long-term viability. However, this trend poses risks to survival. It's crucial to balance short-term benefits with long-term planning for sustainability. The report serves as a wake-up call for UK businesses to pivot towards a future-oriented approach, transcending short-term gains and embracing long-term strategies.” 

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Notes to editor:  

The comprehensive research, compiled from a nationwide survey conducted in September 2023, reflects the sentiments of over 100 UK C-suite executives spanning various sectors, including energy, financial services, health and social care, and retail. 

About BJSS: 

BJSS ( is the UK’s leading privately-owned tech and business consultancy. With three decades’ software development and IT advisory experience, the company is renowned for technical excellence, cost-effective delivery and its proven BJSS Enterprise Agile approach. 

About SPARCK: 

SPARCK ( specialises in design-led digital transformation aimed at creating positive change through human-centred products and services. The consultancy boasts a team of nearly 130 specialists who excel in seamlessly fusing creativity, technology and business acumen to offer clients the design prowess of an agency with the technological capabilities of a consultancy.