BJSS to help redevelop Elexon’s systems to support electricity Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement in Great Britain

    BJSS, the UK’s leading technology and business consultancy, is partnering with Elexon to deliver the Helix Programme, a major transformation programme to support the roll out of Market-wide Half Hourly Settlements (MHHS).

    Elexon manages Great Britain’s electricity Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC), comparing how much electricity generators said they would produce and suppliers said they would consume with the actual volumes that are generated and used, making sure that everyone is paid or billed accurately for any differences.

    The Helix Programme will transform Elexon’s central systems and infrastructure to facilitate MHHS, a programme which is expected to run until October 2025.

    In the current market, energy tariffs are settled based on the average customer usage profile and infrequent meter readings (taken over weeks and months). Under MHHS, smart meters will record the amount of energy consumed or exported within every half-hour of the day. This provides an opportunity to make the settlement process for the industry quicker and more accurate.

    MHHS will deliver positive outcomes for UK consumers due to reduced overestimations, leading to less wastage, reduced environmental impacts, and enhanced security of supply. MHHS will also be a key enabler in helping Britain achieve its ‘net-zero’ ambitions by supporting the decarbonisation of the energy sector in a cost-effective manner. MHHS is expected to deliver net benefits to British consumers of up to £4.5 billion between 2021 and 2045.

    Specifically, BJSS is responsible for delivering the Helix Programme’s data management hub. Elexon currently collects half-hourly data from around 340,000 customers; once MHHS is implemented across the sector, this will increase ninetyfold. With such large volumes of data to process, BJSS’ expertise in developing secure, scalable, and cloud-hosted data platforms in Microsoft Azure makes it an ideal organisation to assist Elexon with this work.

    Ben Cooper, Sales Lead for BJSS’ Energy, Commodities & Utilities Practice, said: “We are delighted to be helping Elexon deliver an important programme of work which supports the redevelopment of systems that play an essential role in the electricity market. Our team of specialists can draw upon our deep expertise within the energy industry and our extensive experience in delivering secure, scalable and reliable data platforms. We look forward to working with the great team at Elexon, and the other suppliers involved in the programme, to decarbonise the industry.”

    Victoria Moxham, Director of Customer Operations at Elexon, said: “Moving to MHHS is a key change in the energy sector which will help enable the innovation and change needed to reach net-zero. Elexon is investing in redeveloping BSC central systems so that we can receive and process the exponential increase in half-hourly data that we will be required to process once MHHS is implemented.”

    Moxham continued: “The systems' redevelopment involves the creation of new services and a new system which will be key to unlocking the benefits that electricity suppliers expect of Elexon, including faster, more accurate settlement.”

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