BJSS launches the ninth edition of its award-winning Enterprise Agile® book for a post-pandemic world

    With software development accelerating at an unprecedented rate due to the pandemic and many forced to work from home, experts warn that organisations that do not adopt an agile approach to the future of work will see data become a disabler of transformation, rather than an enabler.

    The unforeseen disruption of the global pandemic has forced many organisations to reassess how they operate. In the depths of the pandemic, the modus operandi for most organisations was ‘survival’. In a post-pandemic world, organisations are now focusing on growth and development opportunities. Now more than ever, this depends on the ability to deliver value through robust yet flexible IT infrastructure. A new level of market agility is required if organisations want to succeed, and technology is how they’ll get there.

    This is why leading technology and engineering consulting firm, BJSS, has today announced the launch of the ninth edition of its Enterprise Agile® book.

    The book Enterprise Agile ® - Practical Insight and Methods for Successful IT Delivery – has been refreshed to reflect how BJSS has evolved its approach for a post-pandemic world. The effective use of data has been seen by many organisations as a crucial strategy following the success witnessed at organisations such as Amazon, Netflix and Uber.

    The book, therefore, includes a new chapter on ‘Enterprise Data’, which outlines how to develop and manage data projects in an Agile way.

    The 2022 edition of Enterprise Agile ® draws on nearly 30 years’ experience of successful delivery for both public and private sector clients, including the NHS, Co-op, E.ON and NatWest Group. The Enterprise Agile approach is the recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation.

    Andrew Campbell, Director of Delivery at BJSS, says: “The way in which data projects are delivered is out of step with the advances in software delivery. So much so that data projects can be real headaches for many large organisations. The pandemic has only highlighted the importance of data-driven decision making, and an agile approach to data will be the key to success.”

    “At BJSS, we believe that data is an enabler of digital transformation and underpins any meaningful technological or organisational advancement, which is why we have applied our Enterprise Agile approach to data projects in this latest edition.”

    “Enterprise Agile is the collective wisdom of all the projects BJSS has delivered over the past 30 years. This is a live document, so every learning we take from our practical experiences is filtered into the approach, allowing us to improve continuously. By launching the ninth edition of the book with new thinking post-pandemic, we are sharing our secrets to help organisations benefit from increased flexibility and Agility when it comes to their IT.”

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