BJSS has become the first EMEA organisation to successfully complete a delivery in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data-Driven Everything (D2E) Programme. The programme helps organisations become more data-driven through rapid, scalable successes that lead to early gains in key business outcomes. In an ever-evolving business landscape, making data-driven decisions is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is a business necessity – 86% of businesses want to be data-driven, but only 37% have been successful.

Using the AWS D2E Programme, BJSS will continue to work with its customers to move faster and with greater precision using a work-backwards approach to address people, process, and technology-related considerations. The programme will develop selected use cases to jump-start business’ use of data, creating financial and operational value throughout the entire process of building a data platform. BJSS starts the programme with a two-day workshop that brings together the organisation’s business and IT stakeholders to identify a single, high-value use-case to build to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). BJSS is then able to deliver the agreed MVP in less than 90 days so that value to the business is realised rapidly. By applying the learnings from the MVP, BJSS develops a plan to scale the data analytics capabilities for enterprise-wide adoption including a prioritised roadmap to deliver additional use cases.

Using the AWS D2E Programme, BJSS also helps businesses define and refine their data strategy, develop their data maturity and literacy, optimise their operations, and recognise how to use data to deliver the best decisions for their business.

BJSS has been successful in establishing this data-driven culture for a wide range of customers, including online retailer Beauty Bay. In this instance, BJSS delivered a cloud native analytics platform that removed previous limitations as well as:

  • Improving data-backed decision making
  • Producing real-time alarms to prevent profit loss due to pricing errors
  • Introducing interactive customer engagement reports refreshed daily.

“The new solutions we’ve developed with BJSS are powering better decision making and reducing operational risks. With a single view of the truth, and a reliable, scalable platform, we have improved our service levels and can now focus on enhancing the customer experience.”

Marcus Sims, Chief Technology Officer, Beauty Bay

Carl Austin, CTO at BJSS, said: “We at BJSS are delighted to be the first member of the AWS Partner Network in EMEA to help bring this approach to clients across Europe. Data-Driven Everything’s steel-thread approach and focus on delivering value closely aligns with how we at BJSS have been delivering Data programmes for the last eight years, so it’s a truly like-minded partnership."

Simon de Timary, Head of Data & AI at BJSS, said: “By starting small and delivering a first high-value use case that aligns with business goals, the cost and risk of delivery are heavily reduced, which increases stakeholders buy-in. This process is effectively “strategy by doing” as it provides a clear view of an organisation’s data maturity, identifies any gaps, and enables us to produce a bespoke roadmap of initiatives to create a more data-driven culture. These newly acquired capabilities then further reduce the costs of experimentation – making curiosity affordable.”

Simon Bustamante-Dick, Partner Analytics Leader EMEA, AWS, said: “Businesses face a lot of challenges when attempting data analytics programmes: thinking big, and understanding what a great vision looks like, getting buy-in from senior line of business and technology stakeholders, even identifying which uses cases should be prioritised and what value they’ll deliver to the business. We’re excited to work with BJSS, our first EMEA AWS Partner to have delivered the AWS Data-Driven Everything Programme, to provide organisations with a framework to overcome these challenges quickly and lay the foundations for a modern data driven culture.”

You can learn more about Data-Driven Everything here.