BJSS has joined the AWS Service Delivery Program after passing rigorous technical validation en-route to becoming an Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) Partner.

Amazon Web Services recognises its Amazon MSK Partners as those who make it easy for customers to build real-time data streaming solutions and implement an event driven architecture that can scale automatically without any infrastructure to manage.

Members of the AWS Partner Network pass validation by following best practices with each service, as well as demonstrating proven customer success.

As part of the AWS Service Delivery Program, AWS customers can identify AWS Partners, such as BJSS, with experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services. These AWS Partner Network members have passed a rigorous technical validation to ensure they are following best practices with each service, as well as demonstrated proven customer success.

Mohamed Zamzam, Global AWS Partnership Leader at BJSS, said: “This is an exciting accomplishment as we further strengthen our partnership with AWS and establish our credentials of helping customers manage their data at scale and in real time to derive business value.”

Simon de Timary, Head of Data & AI at BJSS, said: “With the current advancements in generative AI, and more to come in the future, having the ability to manage data in real time using AWS services such as MSK can profoundly advance customer value for businesses through real time personalisation.”