What is MLOps?

    MLOps is DevOps applied to data science and machine learning. It is a holistic approach to designing, experimenting, developing, deploying and managing ML models with a one-team ethos and a goal to reduce operational costs while maximising opportunities.

    MLOps - BJSSers

    “The learnings shared have been in the ways of working, understanding the science behind our data and we now have a way to iterate through design. It’s been an outstanding achievement, considering the short time we’ve been together!

    For me, it’s been a joy and a very successful engagement. We’re grateful to the BJSS team and all the support they have given us.”

    Head of Data, Major Insurance Company

    MLOps Benefits


    Repeatable processes

    Overcome the challenges associated with deploying machine learning models through a reliable and repeatable MLOps approach.


    Reduce your time to value creation

    Develop and release models in weeks rather than months.


    Boost profits

    Organisations that deploy AI and machine learning models have improved their profits by up to 15%.


    We can support you through every phase of your MLOps journey, regardless of your current maturity level.

    Advise – MLOps Assessment and Strategy


    We provide a four-week assessment of your MLOps readiness and maturity utilising our proven framework. We then issue tailored recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

    Build – MLOps Platform Delivery and Transformation


    Following a steel-thread approach, we work with your team to select or develop a machine learning model. We then deploy it while building an MLOps platform containing the required tools and capabilities.

    Run – Data Science as a Service


    We have strong experience supporting clients through MLOps transformations and help you bridge the traditional skills gap, enabling you to create a mature data science capability that delivers long term value.

    MLOps Assessment

    Gain a detailed picture of your MLOps capabilities and concrete recommendations to reach your aspirations through our assessment.

    Our evaluation framework supports the assessment. It examines the six pillars of machine learning operation and gives actionable insight into your level of maturity across 30 criteria:

    ML Pipelines & Platform

    What level of automation can your models rely on?

    Monitoring & Operations

    What solutions do you have to keep track of models accuracy over time?

    Security & Governance

    What processes and tools do you have in place to manage access to data and secure your platform?

    Ways of Working

    Are your teams following best practices and able to achieve their objectives?

    Data & Features

    Is your data sufficient, useful and accessible?


    Are your models robust, maintainable and performant?

    MLOps Assessment Outcomes

    Maturity Score

    Discover whether your organisation has a low, medium or high MLOps maturity level after being assessed against the six assessment pillars.

    Recommended Maturity

    Identify your recommended level of maturity against your current MLOps aspirations.

    Actionable Recommendations

    We provide you with actionable, prioritised recommendations for immediate remediation to improve your current maturity level.

    MLOps Assessment Benefits

    Identify the Root Cause

    By undertaking an MLOps Assessment with BJSS, you’ll develop an excellent understanding of the root causes for the challenges you’ve faced around data science and machine learning.

    A Clear Way Forward

    Straight after the assessment, our MLOps experts will provide you with a clear way forward to improving your maturity level.

    Tailored Outcomes

    We provide outcomes that are tailored to your organisation and developed in collaboration with you and your team.

    How mature is your MLOps capability?

    Take our pre-screening questionnaire to discover the best next step for your organisation.


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