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This media toolkit showcases how to apply our branding. Below are our most common brand assets which can be used across digital and print.

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Full colour and monochrome versions of the BJSS logo allow for maximum impact across all background colours.

On a white background the full colour logo must be used. On any other background or on top of an image the white monochrome logo should be used. If a background is very light and has far more contrast with the full colour logo than the white monochrome logo the full colour logo may be used. BJSS also has a single-colour variant of its logo (navy). This should only be used in applications where multiple colours cannot be used.

A clear space area has been established to ensure that the BJSS logo maintains its visibility and impact. The preferred amount of clear space is equal to the height of the “S”, which should be relative to the size of the logo. Please maintain this space around the logo.

Please note that this is a minimum, and ideally should warrant even greater space.

The logo should be placed in the top left corner of the document, page or artboard. Where this is not possible the logo may be placed in the bottom right corner. The logo can only be centred if it is the only element on the page/document or artboard.

Download BJSS Logos for Web
Download BJSS Logos for Print


The BJSS font is a fundamental part of its visual style that helps achieve a unique and consistent look across its materials.

BJSS uses only Catamaran as its font family for digital and print. Three weights may be used – Regular, Bold and Black. Do not use any other font weights.

Catamaran Regular
Catamaran Regular should be used for body text.

Catamaran Bold
Catamaran Bold should be used for subheadings. Catamaran Bold should also be used to create emphasis, for example: Keywords, Call to Actions and URLs.

Catamaran Black
Catamaran Black can only be used for headers and large numbers. It should never be used for body copy or numbers in paragraphs of text. All text using Catamaran Black must be uppercase.


Our brand colours are a distinct and crucial part of our identity and they work together to make our brand recognisable. When applied consistently, these colours also provide a strong visual link across various materials and communications and they distinguish us from the competition.

Use the codes to replicate the colours. No colours other than these may be used.

RGB values should be used for display (digital and screen). CMYK values should be used for full colour print.

When using a colour as an overlay on an image, please set the opacity at 65%.


R4 G30 B66
C100 M90 Y13 K68


R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0


R200 G200 B200
C0 M0 Y0 K22


R0 G71 B187
C90 M68 Y0 K0


R217 G6 B153
C22 M90 Y0 K0


R81 G18 B121
C87 M100 Y16 K5


R49 G181 B149
C72 M0 Y52 K0


R129 G190 B196
C53 M9 Y24 K0


There are five gradients that can be used for backgrounds, overlays and graphic assets. Each gradient runs from left to right and uses two variants of the same colour. Both colours should be used in equal proportion.

Where one half of each gradient uses a colour displayed in the section above, the colour used in the other half of each gradient cannot be used as a standalone colour.

When using a gradient as an overlay on an image, please set the opacity at 65%.

Blue Gradient

Left: #11257e / R17 G37 B126 / C100 M91 Y26 K7
Right: #0047bb / R0 G71 B187 / C90 M68 Y0 K0

Pink Gradient

Left: #d31248 / R211 G18 B72 /C10 M99 Y58 K2
Right: #d90699 / R217 G6 B153 / C22 M90 Y0 K0

Purple Gradient

Left: #87096a / R135 G9 B106 / C54 M100 Y18 K10
Right: #511279 / R81 G18 B121 / C87 M100 Y16 K5

Green Gradient

Left: #31b595 / R49 G181 B149 / C72 M0 Y52 K0
Right: #3d9179 / R61 G145 B121 / C76 M22 Y59 K5

Teal Gradient

Left: #208fa2 / R32 G143 B162 / C78 M24 Y31 K6
Right: #81bec4 / R129 G190 B196 / C53 M9 Y24 K0

Brand Guidelines

This document provide a complete understanding of the application of the BJSS brand assets.


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