Media Toolkit

This media toolkit showcases how to apply our branding. Below are our most common brand assets which can be used across digital and print.

Media Toolkit


Our full colour logo consists of a black wordmark and the ‘Triflex’ in orange. The full colour logo should be used on white and light backgrounds, and in situations where the white logo would be difficult to see.

Our white logo consists of a white wordmark and the ‘Triflex’ in white. The white logo should be used on black and dark backgrounds, and in situations where the full colour logo would be difficult to see, such as over images.

Do not modify the logos under any circumstances, including altering the form or colour - even for internal use.

A clear space area has been established to ensure that the BJSS logo maintains its visibility and impact. Maintaining this clear space zone between the logo and other page elements such as text, images, and other logos, ensures that it always appears unobstructed and distinct from competing graphic elements.

The preferred amount of clear space is equal to the height of the “S”, which should be relative to the size of the logo. Please note that this is a minimum, and ideally should warrant even greater space.

Download BJSS Logos


Our palette consists of four base colours (black, white, dark grey, and light grey) and four accent colours (orange, blue, green, and purple).

The use of black, white and grey give the brand a premium appeareance.

Accent colours are supportive and should be use moderately to create hints of colour.

Orange is the only colour used for the ‘Triflex’ in the full colour logo.


R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0


R0 G0 B0
C0 M0 Y0 K100

Dark grey

R112 G112 B112
C0 M0 Y0 K56

Light grey

R226 G226 B226
C18 M8 Y8 K0


R254 G176 B49
C0 M58 Y92 K2


R49 G127 B254
C100 M18 Y0 K12


R86 G228 B155
C62 M0 Y58 K0


R179 G100 B240
C40 M62 Y0 K0


Our brand typeface is Poppins - a free Google font.

We use two weights - Regular and Bold - and their accompanying italics. Bold text should be used for titles, headings, and subheadings; Italic text should be used for quotes and testimonials; Bullet points should be a standard round bullet in Poppins Bold. One of the accent colours can be used for the bullet.

Designers are encouraged to set typography based on the format they are designing for. Headlines should have tight leading, aiming for 1 × letter size; Body copy should have looser leading, aiming for 1.5 × letter size in digital applications and 1.2 × letter size in print.

Download Poppins