Concrete Comparisons: New York’s newest and most innovative retail concepts

    By David Gore, Head of Industries at BJSS

    David Gore

    New York is home to some of the world's most innovative concept stores. We decided to assess the newest and most innovative retail concepts.

    We visited 30 of the finest and most innovative stores in New York to analyse the latest trends in in-store design, customer experience, and innovation. In this report, we aim to highlight and share our thoughts on these East Coast innovators.

    The Leaderboard

    We ranked every store we visited against the same three criteria:

    • Brand – The ability to surprise and delight customers, offering a differentiated experience that creates a genuine and authentic relationship with customers, based on trust and integrity.
    • Digital – Delivering relevant and individual interactions across all touchpoints, subtly introducing technology to reduce friction and be in a position to respond quickly to customer needs.
    • Experience – Becoming a seamless, customer-centric organisation that reacts and adapts to the individual customer’s needs, combining customer service, convenience, comfort, and personalisation.


    "This report from BJSS is a decisive and inspiring read."

    Keith Lipert, National Retail Federation Board Member

    About the Authors

    David Gore, Head of Industries, BJSS

    A senior Retail Management Consultant with both UK and international experience. David has a proven track record of business leadership and business turnaround, with the delivery of results in varying geographies, cultures and across business lines.

    His specialties include digital and omnichannel excellence, data and analytics, business turnaround, lean retail, franchising and international expansion, growth and innovation, sales management, performance management, business planning, and marketing-led sales strategies.


    Jake Knowles, Senior Retail Business Consultant, BJSS

    A Retail Management Consultant with a proven track record of managing stakeholders effectively, implementing change and delivering quality high-value output.

    Most recently, Jake worked as a Global Change Stream Lead for the largest Home Improvement Retailer in Europe. He has also worked for a Retailer delivering complex changes to their Planning and Buying functions, and on a large-scale Digital CRM Programme for a world-renowned Retail Company where he gained valuable experience in the implementation of insight-led CRM.