About the White Paper

    In celebration of BJSS’s listing as an FT UK Leading Management Consultant for the second year running, we have released this white paper written by Hannah Tharp, Head of Consulting at BJSS. The paper shares some of the approaches that have contributed to our FT award. These approaches have helped our clients to shift their strategies and evolve their structures and processes to encourage innovation.

    We cover:
    • Why organisations need to change their strategic practice from a single, all-or-nothing path to an approach that embraces multiple ideas
    • The importance of moving away from a waterfall approach when tackling large, complex projects
    • The need to equip your organisation with the appropriate data and analysis
    • How to reframe change projects, so they are seen in a more positive light
    • The portfolio approach and the five keys to adopting it successfully

    About the Author

    Hannah Tharp is the Head of Consulting at BJSS, where she leads a team of nearly 40 business and technology consultants. Hannah specialises in advising clients who are going through significant change programmes, whether strategic or reactive.

    Hannah has considerable experience both in industry and consultancy firms, working for the likes of John Lewis and Capgemini. Since joining BJSS in 2018, Hannah has played an integral role in setting up BJSS’ consulting capability and guiding it to where it is today.


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