Why Businesses are Using Intelligent Automation

    By Jonny Muir, Content Executive at BJSS

    Jonny Muir

    Why are businesses using intelligent automation?

    Intelligent automation is sweeping the business world and becoming a growing market.

     A survey by Analytics Insight earlier this year found that over 80% of respondents in the retail and consumer markets planned for their companies to use intelligent automation by 2025. 

    How does intelligent automation work and how can it be beneficial for businesses? Our article discusses these key questions.

    what is intelligent automation?

    Intelligent automation is defined as automated technologies that can help to streamline decision-making and automate business processes. 

    Intelligent automation includes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. 

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps to automate repetitive manual processes by using robots to carry out tasks. An example of this is processing invoices.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is where machines learn human processes and learn to simulate them. An example of this is speech recognition software. 

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    How does intelligent automation work?

    Intelligent automation is a combination of technologies that work together. 

    Machine learning is a part of AI where machines learn from data and patterns to continue learning over time. This can produce technologies such as fraud prevention. 

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as previously defined enables repetitive task automation on applications. An advantage is that it’s quick to deploy and saves time spent on manual tasks. 

    Business Process Management (BPM) automates workflows to ensure operational consistency. It also allows businesses to take a more agile approach to working.

    benefits of intelligent automation

    So what are the benefits of implementing intelligent automation?

    Less Labour Intensive

    By automating manual, repetitive tasks and processes, workers are freed up to focus on other aspects of their role. It’s a much less labour intensive way of working. This helps to increase operational efficiency. 

    Reduce operational costs

    Productivity can be accelerated with the adoption of intelligent automation. It allows businesses to scale efficiently to match fluctuations in demand. 

    By having an automated process in place, it also avoids putting additional strain on employees at busy times. This can save costs, for instance, by avoiding unnecessary overtime. 

    Improve accuracy

    Data automation means reducing the risk of human error, such as where stages may be missed or incorrect data is input. 

    By having more accurate data, it also helps with business planning and key decision making. 

    Improve customer experience

    The customer is always the main consideration in business. Robots are available 24/7 so they can work around customers’ busy lifestyles. 

    Chatbots on websites are now commonplace and ensure continuity of business even outside of working hours. 

    Implementing technology such as chatbots ensures a timely response to customers and an overall improvement in customer experience. 

    Accelerate digital transformation

    Making strides towards digital transformation is also becoming increasingly important in business. 

    It enables businesses to have an edge over their competitors by providing a superior customer experience. 

    The pandemic has meant that businesses have progressed digital transformation much sooner than planned in order to adapt. Adoption of intelligent automation technologies allows companies to streamline operations with no disruption. This also makes businesses more resilient and able to adapt to changing markets, such as changing consumer behaviours during lockdown.

    Revolutionising Business processes

    With over 29 years of experience in digital delivery, BJSS can work with you to produce an effective strategy and deploy intelligent automation within your organisation.

    In fact, in BJSS’ latest white paper, we discuss how integrating cloud, data and intelligent automation can deliver workplace efficiencies for public sector organisations and an enhanced user experience – all while reducing costs.

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