Spotlight: Ismahil Khan

    By Ismahil Khan, Platform Engineer, BJSS

    Ismahil Khan


    Platform Engineer, Ismahil Khan, talks about his passion for computer science, his transition from Sysadmin to Platform Engineer, and the importance of diversifying your skill set.  

    My journey is an interesting one, to say the least. Ever since I was young, I have been enthusiastic about computers and tech in general. I always liked building computers and problem-solving, so it was only natural to study computer science at university. After completing my studies, I took a slight detour and helped with my family’s restaurant business. 

    By the time I got back into the field, some years later, what I had learned at university had become outdated. Fortunately, after doing a short stint as a service analyst, I got a job as a field engineer, which gave me some fantastic hands-on experience. 

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    Working At BJSS

    I’ve been working at BJSS for nearly three years – first, as a service support analyst, where I was responsible for capturing, validating, and triaging user queries, and ensuring all tickets were processed. My first two projects included working on Data handling/Data Refresh for NHS Digital Statistics and Technical Support Services (TSS) for the DVSA.  

    Next, I made the move into a platform engineering role, where I focused on writing code to ensure key systems operate effectively and smoothly. This involves maintaining and updating infrastructure and services, such as doing regular releases and monitoring system configuration. 


    How did you make the transition from sysadmin world to Cloud? What advice would you give to others?  


    Well, I started as a service analyst, learning the ropes and absorbing as much information as possible. After a while, I wanted to be involved in the more technical side of things that you typically get from a platform engineering position. So I spoke with my line manager and we sat down and discussed a development plan.  

    Behind the scenes, I was also building up my knowledge of sysadmin for Windows, Linux and AWS as I was specifically interested in cloud computing. These learnings, coupled with the exposure working on projects at BJSS, gave me the confidence boost and leg up I needed to pass my AWS Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect exams.  

    For those looking to explore a similar career path, I would say get the key Cloud courses under your belt. I’d recommend starting with a solutions architect course and then looking at a DevOps for AWS and that will put you in good stead.  

    What did you like about working at BJSS?

    What I love is the fact that managers push you to pursue your passion areas. BJSS is interested in you having a real desire to test yourself and get out of your comfort zoneThe support structure is also fantastic, and you are given all the necessary tools and training resources, as well as plenty of opportunities to diversify your skillset and succeed.  

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