Interns and Placements

    By Rosie Pickersgill, Academy Manager, BJSS

    Rosie Pickersgill


    The BJSS Academy prides itself on giving opportunity to talented, pragmatic and enthusiastic individuals, with a flare for technology who just need the ‘right’ opportunity. We’re delighted to see the progress made by individuals and what better way to talk about it than to share our Good News Stories!

    We asked a number of our interns and placement students to give an account of their experience, starting with the question: What did you enjoy about your experience as an intern/placement student at BJSS?

    Logi, Software Engineering Intern, enjoyed the positive atmosphere. He didn’t feel as though questions couldn’t be asked and everyone was willing to help and guide. He also experienced many different areas of the business such as data wngineering and development operations – he liked it so much Logi is coming back to join the Engineering Academy!

    Adrian, Software Engineering Placement Student, enjoyed the exposure he gained working with a big client and all the responsibilities that came with it. BJSS provided him the environment to learn without fearing doing anything wrong.

    Tien, Software Engineering Placement Student, joined at the right time, when one of our Engineering Academies was taking place. Quoting Tien; “I learnt so much more than my one year in University”. Tien didn’t come from a software engineering background, but BJSS showed her that wasn’t a problem. She felt valued by the team and never had to shy away from asking questions or giving her opinion.

    All the engineers we have spoken to reapplied for the positions at BJSS so it was only right we asked them why?

    Tien, absolutely loved the vibe, how friendly and supportive people were, and the fact BJSS really do care. We continued with socials (although remote) and she appreciated the gifts which arrived often to keep the up the moral in the business. Tien is now developing her skills in Golang and working on a really exciting project.

    Logi had a similar point of view; he wants to grow as a developer, he’s surrounded by talented people, and he couldn’t think of a better place to do it!

    For those who are considering internships or placements we asked our team to give us some top tips they advise when looking for the perfect opportunity:

    1. Be yourself! Don’t be afraid of how familiar or unfamiliar you are with something, there is a lot to learn and no expectation to know everything!
    2. Don’t be afraid to ask seemingly stupid questions, they often lead to great realisations.
    3. Have fun, make friends! Joining the Academy is a great way to do that.
    4. Come with a positive attitude, a flair for problem solving and an agile mindset.
    If you’re interested in finding out more about internships and placements feel free to reach out to for more information, the team will be more than happy to help!

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