Breaking the stigma on junior tech roles in the workplace: The best kept secret

    By Rosie Pickersgill, Academy Manager, BJSS

    Rosie Pickersgill

    As new frontiers like cloud infrastructure services reshape the way we handle information, the demand for data skills has skyrocketed. No longer just a bonus, proficiency in data has become a vital necessity for professionals across industries – with the World Economic Forum predicting Data Analyst and Scientist to be the most in-demand jobs by 2025.

    And yet, while UK government research found that companies that are supported by data-enabled infrastructure and a high number of data professionals are up to 10% more productive than their counterparts, 46% of companies have struggled to recruit for roles that require data skills.

    To unlock new opportunities and propel digital projects to new heights, businesses need to find ways to bring more people with data skills into their organisation.

    The BJSS Academy: Equipping New Tech Talent With Data Skills

    The BJSS Academy is an advanced learning experience aimed at progressing aspiring engineers to be ready to support clients from various industries in advancing their digital and IT solutions. The Academy develops passionate individuals looking to pursue a career in tech and equips them with the skills needed for engineering excellence.

    Our Data Academy produces high-quality engineers with the latest knowledge and skills on data and cloud technologies, such as Python, AWS or Azure data services, Databricks or Apache Spark, distributed NoSQL databases, stream processing technologies, and Hadoop ecosystem exposure.

    The Data Academy graduates are exposed to a variety of skills, including:

    • Designing, developing, and optimising end-to-end data platforms (including processing, storage, security, and monitoring).
    • Building leading-edge data platforms alongside experienced data engineers as part of cross-functional teams.
    • Working in a fast-moving, Agile environment, within multidisciplinary teams, delivering modern data platforms into large organisations.
    • Deploying data pipelines and processes in a production-safe manner, using the latest technologies and with a DataOps culture.

    “After graduating, I was keen to explore opportunities that would enhance my learning and the Academy certainly did. BJSS did not teach us to code. BJSS taught us about technology, tools, design thinking, platform engineering, how to engage with clients, and the potential pitfalls and so much more. Working with colleagues on the project introduced me to the world of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, a set of skills I had never learned at university. Exposure to new technologies has certainly helped remove the fear of entering unknown areas, and I feel more confident in joining future projects.”

    Katherine, Academy Engineer

    New Tech Talent To Drive Your Business Objectives

    During the training, Academy Engineers learn in a reactive and high-pressure environment. They are confident with diving deep into new, immerging technologies alongside colleagues with different life experiences and communication styles.

    With the skills and techniques learned from the Academy, these environments are not an impossible obstacle to overcome for our junior engineers, but a symbol of co-operation and collaboration.

    What our Academy Engineers achieved on a data project with a global supermajor:

    • Over 180 scrapes* in less than nine months.
    • Lead time to delivery of data reduced from weeks to days.
    • Ingestion time reduced by 10x.
    • Reduced loading time of half-a-billion rows to less than one hour.

    *Scraping is the action of extracting data from internal/external sources and centralising it in a platform.

    “By the time I’d finished my training, I’d worked on several enterprise systems for various clients, using a wide range of technologies and programming languages. Not only did I learn how to code - I also learned how to collaborate with people in different roles, design systems within a team, and conduct myself in a professional environment.”

    Jack, Software Engineer



    What Clients Have To Say About BJSS Academy Engineers

    “It was great to be able to support Jameson’s growth as a software engineer here at ITV. Joining us as an apprentice, he contributed so much energy and enthusiasm over and above his development work, and we will always sign off our standups in the manner he first coined.”


    “I am always supportive of helping develop top talent in the early years of their careers. BJSS is an important strategic partner of ours, and we’ve engaged them to take on Academy talent into our digital portfolio, initially free of charge to us, allowing us to benefit from additional capacity whilst they learn, and then in due course, to become chargeable at graduate rate. It’s a great win-win for both of us.”

    Glen Leakey, Global Digital Transformation Director at Specsavers

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