Sustainability, FinOps, and the Cloud: How To Reduce Cost and Emissions Through Resource Optimisation

With the climate crisis becoming inescapable, sustainability has become one of the top priorities for enterprise-level businesses.

This eBook outlines how sustainability can actually support and drive operational cost efficiencies and digital transformation, as well as the role that FinOps can play in cloud cost management.

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About the eBook

In eBook, we share how sustainability can be facilitated with the cloud, and in turn how cloud, sustainability and cost reduction align with the principles of the FinOps cloud cost management model.


We cover:

  • How cloud migration acts as an enabler of change, and the ways cloud service providers deliver cost-reducing energy efficiencies.
  • Understanding FinOps as a discipline and the six FinOps principles.
  • Emerging concepts of Eco-First IT and how these can reduce carbon emissions.
  • A case study demonstrating how BJSS optimised cost for the NHS Test and Trace service.

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