How To Overcome Ten Cloud Transformation Hurdles And Thrive

According to Gartner, 75% of organisations are predicted to adopt the cloud as their fundamental underlying platform by 2026, so there has never been a better time to start your Cloud Transformation journey.

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About the eBook

Cloud Transformation is more than the traditional 'lift and shift' of IT infrastructure. True transformation can empower your organisation to deliver real change, drive value, streamline your operations and scale successfully, allowing you to 'future-proof' your business.

However, with all the will in the world and with the best team to hand, organisations will still face considerable challenges when going through their Cloud Transformation journey, unless they are prepared!

BJSS' Cloud Transformation experts have created this eBook to help guide you through the nine most common hurdles we know organisations worldwide have faced, providing you with expert insights, customer use cases, and our award-winning approach to help you succeed in your journey.


This eBook will explore:

  • What Cloud Transformation is.
  • How Cloud Transformation can benefit your organisation.
  • The top nine challenges of Cloud Transformation and how other organisations have overcome them with the expert help of BJSS.
  • Customer use cases of successful Cloud Transformation projects.
  • Our approach to Cloud Transformation.

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