Reducing failure rates. Delivering fast and ongoing improvements.

Enterprise Agile® accommodates the commercial realities and constraints faced by large organisations. It enables them to be flexible to change by harnessing the benefits of incremental delivery, but without abandoning the safeguards of control, predictability and good governance.

Organisations are under pressure to adapt and change at an increasing pace

In these times of digital disruption, organisations are facing increased competition from new business models. 

On its own, greater agility is not sufficient for organisations to compete effectively. They must remain lean and efficient and introduce technology change in a predictable low-cost manner.

Enterprise Agile is designed to address these triple constraints of flexibility, predictability and efficiency in order to create value for the organisation – the key challenge facing today’s CIO.


We recognise the importance of delivering on our commitments.

The ideas, processes and philosophy outlined in Enterprise Agile are fundamental to this. They are based on practical experience, and the insights and lessons we have learnt from delivering hundreds of projects over the past twenty five years.

Enterprise Agile defines what ‘good looks like’ in terms of implementing technology change and running technology services. This is an important perspective that is often missed from other Agility approaches.


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