Digital Transformation Success Story

Global Document Management Solution at a Commodities Company

We implemented a document management system to store all electronic and scanned corporate documentation

Our commodities client wanted to replace an existing federated Windows file server that stored ll corporate documents with a fully-audited Content Management System. Much of the client’s business involved processing large volumes of paper and electronic documents, so a single repository for all communications was essential to support efficient and effective operations.

We were engaged to design and implement a solution that would store all of this electronic and scanned corporate documentation. The solution would also support a complex set of security, compliance and regulatory requirements, while also enabling a quick and easy full-content search and document retrieval through a user-friendly and flexible interface.

BJSS selected the product, defined the implementation roadmap and led the global roll-out

It was essential that the base architecture and infrastructure was flexible and scalable to support huge expected volumes and the client’s long term growth objectives. These technical and capacity requirements, combined with a complex architecture and the diverse geographical locations of users were the primary areas of challenge.

Delivery involved an initial pilot platform supporting key business stakeholders to assess usability and effectiveness. Following acceptance, the next phase included building out the core solution and integrating with a number of strategic components including the primary trading platform, reference data repository and core business process redesign.

The platform was rolled out to the core business areas and extended to include high volume scanning and OCR functionality used for indexing documents received from third parties

A new user interface was also implemented. BJSS worked through a number of options with the client within the stringent criteria set – existing Windows functionality needed to be replaced, whilst supporting the improved functionality provided by the content management solution.

Throughout the engagement it was essential the change management elements of the project were well understood, planned and managed. It was important that the business saw clear benefits to gain their support and buy-in and that the business continued to run smoothly during the transition period, a big challenge. This was successfully achieved through a programme of close business working, information sharing and training initiatives.

The client now has a centralised, fully auditable content repository that is globally available and invaluable in meeting internal and external regulatory audit requirements

Transparency and availability of documents stored within the organisation has revolutionised the way the business manages and processes information received by email, fax and physically through the post. Documents are received, stored and retrieved almost instantaneously as required by the diverse user groups.