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With the innovation of technology in FS, customers are demanding hyper-personalised experiences, but their data security and privacy remain paramount.


To bridge this gap, financial services firms must harness the power of data analytics and machine learning to fulfill customers' expectations, navigate challenges and unlock new opportunities.


For over 30 years, BJSS has helped financial services firms do just that.


Start becoming a data-driven, customer-first business with the power of innovative tech solutions.

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We will work with you to:


Generate customer insights through tailored products and services, and more informed decision making.


Provide expert pragmatic guidance to help you de-risk your investment and deliver value quicker and earlier.


Build value-enhancing partnerships by creating open platforms and insurtech ecosystem integration.


Improve business scale, customer responsiveness, and cost optimisation through process automation and legacy system rationalisation.

“As a small bank that cares deeply about our customers and their sustainability goals, we are now in an excellent position to manage our costs more effectively while leveraging the cloud's full power to achieve growth for ourselves and those we service.”
Mark Clayton , Chief Operating Officer, Unity Trust Bank