Data EXP - Data Sheet

Where Experience And Expertise Converge For A Seamless Data Platform Service

BJSS Data EXP is a five-step, end-to-end methodology for exploring and delivering business value from data that brings together multiple areas of BJSS' expertise. Discover how this data platform service will deliver value and insights.

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Data EXP is a dynamic framework that empowers organisations to swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively demonstrate the value of data to solve business problems and achieve outcomes. Leveraging a multitude of best practices, methodologies and tools, Data EXP provides a secure environment for exploring and analysing data-driven use cases and hypotheses with the ultimate goal of scaling them to the entire organisation.

This data sheet provides an overview of solution and explores the challenges it addresses for organisations, such as having limited timescales to demonstrate the value of data, concerns about data security and governance, and having a limited budget to commit to exploring data-driven use cases.


This data sheet covers:

  • What Data EXP is and how it works, and how it delivers value, insight and ROI
  • Who will benefit from this data platform service
  • The real benefits your organisation can expect by adopting Data EXP
  • Why Data EXP is the right choice for you
  • BJSS' ways of working and our 'value first' mentality