Your cloud migration ebook

Within this eBook we explore the discovery phase of your cloud migration journey. Breaking the discovery phase into six key steps we will help you understand where you are today and how to get your intended cloud target state in the future. After reading this eBook, we’re sure you’ll be more confident to take the first step on your cloud journey.


We cover:

  • The key considerations to ask of yourself during the Discovery phase 
  • What you as a business need to be thinking about regarding technology, people and processes 
  • How a low-risk, low-cost Proof of Concept can help solidify the business case for the cloud 
  • The strengths and limitations of automated migration discovery tools 
  • A checklist of ideal outcomes from the Discovery phase.

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BJSS accelerates your cloud adoption, providing experience as code and years of development expertise. Our cloud consulting approach has supported everything from small architecture reviews, to achieving a European first by migrating police data to the cloud.



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