BJSS modernised and improved a health application suite for a leading healthcare provider 

This healthcare provider is a not-for-profit business. It reinvests all of its profits into gyms, medical centres, hospitals, and expert staff.

It had created a collection of core strategic software products and data collection mechanisms which its board designated as a core pillar for business growth and differentiation. The application links multi-channel data collection – everything from mobile and wearables, gym equipment, health screening and true medical data – to provide users with a holistic and tangible view of their health.

A single supplier capable of delivery, hosting and DevOps support 

Initially, the application suite was maintained by an offshore provider. It became apparent to the client that its existing supplier was not performing and had delivered an expensive application suite that was unreliable. Also, any enhancements were time-consuming and costly to implement.

The client had a desire for increased agility to support rapid and frequent changes in the marketplace.

To achieve this, it wanted to replace several niche suppliers with a single supplier who was capable of delivery, hosting and DevOps support. BJSS ticked these boxes.

A comprehensive application assessment  

BJSS undertook a comprehensive assessment of the application – covering code-level quality assessments, security vulnerabilities, code maintenance and extensibility, testing and assurance coverage, infrastructure/DR/BCP. This was a targeted assessment using a highly focused multi-disciplinary team.

A set of artefacts were created, with RAG and heatmap management dashboards to give the client’s senior management a holistic view of the current state of their software investments. Also, where deficiencies were identified, the ‘route to good/green’ was assessed and recommendations made to the scale, scope and priorities for achieving those levels of acceptability.

On the back of this initial engagement, the client published an RFP that detailed an ambition to choose a long-term development and support partner for the Healthscore suite of applications. BJSS was appointed as this long-term development and support partner.

Increasing resilience and functionality of the application suite  

The transition from the legacy vendor was completed within 30 days, with the first enhancement development Sprint being delivered in 45 days.

New processes and automation allowed for weekly releases to production – increasing the client’s ability to quickly deploy innovation and respond to shifting market needs.

In addition, the following benefits have been realised:

  • Development backlog and technical debt were significantly reduced with a smaller team size and overall cost
  • The application suite resilience was significantly improved
  • Additional mobile functionality, including support of the Apple Watch, was delivered on time and on budget
  • User satisfaction scores improved substantially.