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The BJSS Academy has multiple intakes across all disciplines in technology. Our Engineering stream teaches you to get hands-on with tech quickly, and experience and understand roles within Engineering you may never have known existed. Data covers competencies related to Data Engineering and Analysis. Platform arms people with skills in the main cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Business Consultancy will immerse people in the role of a consultant within technology delivery. There really is something for everyone.

Once you've finished the Academy

We want you to make the most of your potential. So to help you continue your learning, we’ll help you achieve career-enhancing professional and industry certifications.

You’ll also work closely with other talented BJSSers – sometimes outside of your base location – to deliver advanced technology and consulting solutions to our clients throughout the UK. Not only will this experience allow you to develop your skills, but you’ll also learn new techniques and refine your interests.

About the Graduate Programme

Over a dedicated four-week period, you’ll learn and mix with other Graduates from BJSS locations all across the UK. Plus as a Graduate, you won’t have to reapply for a permanent role at BJSS once you have completed this training. Here at BJSS, you'll be a permanent member of the team from day one!

Programme Structure


Your adventure begins! In this first week, you’ll be introduced to everything BJSS. Leaders from across the business will introduce you to BJSS. You’ll learn about our values and purpose, the services we offer and the clients we serve. You’ll explore the importance of professional skills, building on an introduction to Agile and our award-winning Enterprise Agile® approach. You’ll learn how we collaborate to deliver projects, by working in teams to deliver a practical exercise. Subsequent weeks will introduce the technologies, techniques and processes that we combine to deliver enterprise solutions. You’ll work together to build an e-commerce site.


This week we’ll explore how we set ourselves up for success by digging into project planning, software and infrastructure architecture and how we optimise software delivery. We’ll dig into how we organise ourselves and the ceremonies we use to keep delivery on track, together with how we make sure what we deliver is testable.


Over halfway through your time on the BJSS Academy, it’s now time to dive even deeper! In week three, you’ll continue to build your knowledge in key software engineering areas. You’ll look at both front and back-end development including designing and building databases, presenting to the customer and how to secure your application.


Your final week is going to be a busy one! It’s now time to build on and consolidate the engineering fundamentals that you’ve learnt over the past three weeks. This week we’ll explore some of the new and emerging technologies that are shaping the work we do for clients. We’ll cover AI & ML, Big Data and RPA and see how they can be used to add more value to the application we’ve built. This final week will finish with a hack day and an end of course celebration to recognise your success.

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