BJSS Releases White Paper: Enterprise DevOps – Aligning Development and Operations
16 Apr, 2013

BJSS today releases its latest White Paper: Enterprise DevOps – Aligning Development and Operations.

Many Enterprises may have already made good progress in adopting Agile delivery techniques over the last decade but fail to fully realise the benefits of Agile due to the chasm between Development and Operations. This paper identifies these cultural and logistical challenges and identifies how they can be overcome.

The paper:

  • Explains why there is often friction between the Development and Operations teams.
  • Introduces and defines DevOps.
  • Explains how DevOps relates to Agile development, continuous delivery and operational processes.
  • Discusses how DevOps adoption is essential for the realisation of Cloud cost savings and flexibility.
  • Presents five models that can be used as standalone techniques or in combination to introduce a successful DevOps approach.

“All too often Development and Operations teams have conflicting priorities and motivations, but for Enterprise-scale projects to be rolled out continuously, safely and effectively, the two ‘tribes’ do need to be united in a common cause.” says the author of the paper and BJSS CTO Martin Maisey. “BJSS has been working on enterprise-wide complex IT implementations for some 20 years now, across a wide range of sectors, this hands-on experience and how these issues impact project delivery has inspired this paper.”