BJSS, the award-winning, delivery-focused IT consultancy today reaffirms its commitment as an enthusiastic employer of apprentices. The company pledges to double its current intake of young people and equip them for careers in digital technology and consultancy.

BJSS introduced its Apprenticeship Programme in 2016. Since then, of the apprentices that have joined, 90% have gone on to take permanent full-time positions in the company.

Through its apprenticeship programme, BJSS has demonstrated that having a university degree is not necessarily a prerequisite to enjoying a career in digital technology and consultancy. A prime example of this is James Demaine, a 20-year-old apprentice that joined BJSS in 2017 directly from sixth form. Since starting his apprenticeship, James has already worked on some of the company’s biggest projects including deliveries for the NHS. James chose an apprenticeship instead of university, because he believes that the soft skills taught in tertiary education are not always relevant to real working life.

The BJSS programme enables apprentices to contribute to and learn from live projects. They become increasingly ‘hands-on’ as they develop their IT and digital skills. BJSS’ apprentice staff also benefit from the company’s award-winning internal training channel, the BJSS:Academy, and industry certification related to their chosen career route.

James Demaine, Apprentice Software Tester, at BJSS: “Having access to some of the most experienced people in the industry has been invaluable to my career. Being able to work on real projects from the start allows you to get that practical experience that you just don’t get from a university. I would advise everybody considering an apprenticeship to follow their passions and they will be rewarded.”

Glynn Robinson, Managing Director at BJSS: “With the digital landscape set to become an even bigger part of Britain’s economy over the next few years, technology organisations such as BJSS have a role to play in ensuring that as many young people as possible are equipped to pursue careers in this space. The BJSS apprenticeship programme allows them to experience the job first hand and, in conjunction with our internal BJSS:Academy learning and development channel, develop the skills they need for a high-quality and rewarding career.”

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