AWS is a scalable flexible Cloud computing, hosting, and development solution. With vast experience in delivering global infrastructure at a large scale, AWS boasts substantial skills and infrastructure management capabilities, and continues to innovate and improve.


In recognition of its expertise and successful deliveries across the UK Public Sector, BJSS has been recognised as AWS UK&I AWS Public Sector Partner of the Year.


BJSS has invested in a rapidly growing team of certified AWS consultants that have a deep expertise in identifying the best solution. With their expertise, our clients benefit from increased agility in today’s competitive market.

The Well-Architected framework has been developed by AWS to help companies build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient Cloud infrastructure possible for their applications. This framework provides a consistent approach to evaluate architectures, and provides guidance to help implement designs that will scale with application needs over time.

As an advanced AWS partner, and one of only a handful selected to join the AWS Well-Architected Partner Programme, BJSS can deliver crucial reviews to AWS customers, and remediate their critical workloads through a consistent and reliable framework.


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Amazon API Gateway is a core component in numerous solutions deployed by BJSS, from real-time massively scaled newsfeed websites to the phased replacement of legacy monolith applications. Combined with AWS Lambda to power scalable serverless architectures, Amazon API Gateway provides our development teams with the platform to build, manage and secure APIs.


AWS’ managed CDN has enabled us to build and deploy web solutions for international organisations requiring content delivery that adapts to meet regional needs. We leverage Amazon CloudFront features for many use cases, from green-field e-commerce solutions requiring fast and reliable content delivery, to solutions requiring advanced encryption options.


Windows EC2 instances have been available to deploy onto AWS for over 10 years, and form a key service for client solutions requiring a flexible and agile .NET development platform. We have found that for many enterprises migrating heterogeneous workloads to the Cloud, the ability to rapidly build and deploy Windows workloads is key to successful delivery.


AWS Lambda is the powerhouse behind many BJSS serverless solutions. The ability to quickly deploy and test code without managing servers provides the ideal enabling technology for our Enterprise Agile approach to quickly deliver massively-scaled solutions for clients across all industries.


BJSS has developed numerous bespoke applications that leverage the power of RDS to build secure, cost-efficient, highly available PostgreSQL databases. Combined with the AWS Database Migration Service, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, has enabled us to rapidly build and migrate services for Government departments and multi-national enterprises.



Data migration is a key delivery in many of the Cloud adoption journeys we have undertaken. Leveraging the AWS Database Migration Service has enabled us to simplify this often complex activity, and accelerate Cloud migration.



BJSS has helped many clients take advantage of the power of AWS’ fully managed non-relational database. BJSS applies this technology in a variety of contexts including monolith to microservice transformations, and as the datastore for our powerful Chatbot solution. The single-digit millisecond latency across multiple regions provided by Amazon DynamoDB allows us to deliver reliable performance at any scale.


The AWS WAF service coupled with Amazon CloudFront ensures BJSS’ solutions delivered on the AWS platform are protected from common exploits that could compromise solutions. The close integration between AWS WAF and other AWS services ensures security is integral our solutions.


The AWS Service Catalog is a key AWS management tool and enables BJSS to organise, govern, distribute and provision application stacks. BJSS has extensive experience leveraging Service Catalog to enhance compliance with client, and external regulatory body standards.