Don’t have a background in technology or consultancy? Or hoping to return to a career in tech? No problem! The BJSS Academy supports school leavers, apprentices, university graduates, and people retraining or returning to work, preparing you for a technology or consultancy career at BJSS.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll always be learning!



We are proud of you, we believe in you, we celebrate with you! Take this time to recognise everything you’ve achieved in these challenging and unprecedented times.



The BJSS Academy upskills you to deliver some of Britain’s most high-profile technology projects. It introduces you to the tools and techniques you need to shape your career.


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Regardless of your background, the BJSS Academy provides excellent internal, external and on the job learning. It has been carefully designed to nurture your consulting and delivery skills.

Explore how the Academy will support your objectives by clicking the tabs below.

Over a dedicated four-week period, you’ll learn and mix with other Graduates from BJSS locations all across the UK. Plus as a Graduate, you won’t have to reapply for a permanent role at BJSS once you have completed this training!

Week 1: You’ll learn about our values and purpose, the services we offer and the clients we serve, from leaders across the business. Professional skills workshops will help you hone your team working skills, before learning how we collaborate to deliver projects using practical examples and some fun Hack days.

Week 2: This week we’ll explore how we set ourselves up for success by digging into project planning, software and infrastructure architecture and how we optimise software delivery for the cloud. We’ll explore how we organise ourselves, and the ceremonies we use to keep delivery on track, together with how we make sure what we deliver is testable.

Week 3: In week three, you’ll continue to build your knowledge in key software engineering areas. We’ll explore both front and back-end development including designing and building databases, presenting to the user and how to secure your application.

Week 4: This final week examines some of the new and emerging technologies that are shaping the work we do for clients. We’ll cover AI & ML, Big Data and RPA and see how they can be used to add more value to the application we’ve built. We’ll finish with a hack day and an end of course celebration to recognise your success.

Apprenticeship Opportunities Across a Host of Different Roles

If you’re considering an Apprenticeship qualification, while receiving on the job training, then BJSS and our award-winning BJSS Academy platform could be the ideal gateway for your career!

We have two Apprenticeship pathways open –  one for technology qualifications, the other for commercial qualifications.

We’re looking for bright, motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a real passion for IT to join our technical Apprenticeship programme. With options in Development, Testing, Managed Service and IT operations, you’ll contribute to a live projects and you’ll achieve the certifications you need to support your career aspirations.

And if you’re aiming towards a commercial Apprenticeship qualification, we also offer roles across BJSS, including Business Support, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Recruitment and Consulting.

As an Apprentice at BJSS, you’ll be part of BJSS, and you’ll enjoy the same benefits offered to other BJSS staff.

Programmes for People Looking to Retrain into the Tech Industry

The BJSS Academy offers several programmes for people who have previously worked in other industries to retrain for careers in technology or consultancy.

In addition to structured training provided by the BJSS Academy, we also support several pathways to further develop new skills.

For example, in the AWS re/Start programme, we provide blended technical theory and practical training, combined with with soft skills and employability development. We also provide coaching and support for people on this pathway to achieve the industry-recognised AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

We also partner with Microsoft to deliver Data Science bootcamps for people looking to take fresh career steps in data. The programme provides a foundation to developing the digital skills needed to become a Data Scientist.

We also work with bootcamps across the UK to help those who’ve made the commitment to retrain take the next step into our industry.

If you’re looking to return to work after a career break, then the BJSS Academy could be the perfect fit.

We’re here to support you with a seamless transition back into permanent work, providing you with access to a wide range of learning pathways to brush up your skills, and a supportive, nurturing environment in which to re-enter the workplace

We believe that flexible working arrangements should not exclude people from delivery roles, so to maximise opportunities for all, we’ll always try to tailor roles and working arrangements to suit your individual circumstances.

Retrainer Academy


It isn’t often that you find someone starting a fresh career in technology after working in another field for over 20 years. However, despite her initial inexperience, Carla is now one of BJSS’ leading Platform Engineers.

The BJSS Academy, in cooperation with the AWS re:Start programme, retrains ex-armed forces personnel for private-sector technology careers. Carla is an alumnus of this academy. At the age of 18, she joined the Royal Navy as a mechanical engineer. However, after retiring from the navy, Carla found that her skills were too niche for the private sector. She had a choice of retiring or reskilling. She took the courageous decision to reskill through our intensive 12-week training course. She now delivers major platform projects to many of BJSS’ largest clients.

Graduate Academy


The BJSS Academy was an excellent way for Ryan to start his career as a Software Developer. The University of Glasgow graduate explains:

“There was a mix of abilities and backgrounds in my class, but the BJSS Academy provided a fantastic base for everyone to learn from. My group focused on the design stage of projects including Business Analysis and requirement gathering, Architecture, team communication, and Agile processes. We then learnt about development & testing and learning about the tools that facilitate them, and we closed off with a group hack and social event. It was a terrific month!”


Many of our Alumni tell us how the BJSS Academy has helped them to establish enduring personal and professional relationships, positioning them for rewarding careers in IT and business consultancy. These are some of their stories:


The Academy was a fantastic experience like no other! Four weeks of learning and enhancing my technical and communication skills was topped off by training an AI to recognise the emotions on my colleagues’ faces!


Standout points for me at the BJSS Academy were having the opportunity to tackle activities as a group of people with different skills and backgrounds, and using my learning to create a test automation framework and suite.


Since completing the BJSS Academy, I’ve delivered an external talk on NFT, won European Testing Graduate of the Year and worked on NHS Spine planning and executing the deployment of firmware and package updates across the entire estate.


After having spent a year as a Research Analyst at BJSS, the Academy was a great way for me to gain a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of the work the company does, whilst meeting other people my age. I’m now even more excited and confident to continue my career as a Consultant at BJSS!


Originally from a background of pharmacology and biology, I decided to change careers. On the Science to Data Science Bootcamp, I met the Head of Data Science at BJSS. This meeting turned into a short internship at BJSS, and I then joined BJSS full time. I came for a week with BJSS, and the rest is history.


It was incredible having experienced Developers, Testers and Architects tutoring us. Whether we picked up the topic quickly, or needed more help, we were supported to work at our own speed at all times.


We want you to make the most of your potential. So to help you continue your learning, we’ll help you achieve career-enhancing professional and industry certifications.

You’ll also work closely with other talented BJSSers – sometimes outside of your base location – to deliver advanced technology and consulting solutions to our clients throughout the UK. Not only will this experience allow you to develop your skills, but you’ll also learn new techniques and refine your interests.