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During the initial phase of the pandemic, the public sector demonstrated agility and resilience by swiftly adapting to a new way of working. Across the sector, teams and departments have had to adopt new practices, in many cases far more quickly than would normally be expected.

The public sector now sits at the edge of great change. By embracing cloud, data and intelligent automation, teams can benefit from smarter, faster and more efficient methodologies, transforming themselves and, ultimately, the services they deliver. 

This whitepaper brings to the forefront how integrating cloud, data and intelligent automation will deliver workplace efficiencies and an enhanced user experience while reducing costs. 

We cover:
  • The current landscape across the public sector and the need to upgrade digital capabilities
  • Streamlining workflows through intelligent automation
  • Frontline workers and the user experience 
  • Adopting an evolutionary approach
  • How the DVSA implemented technological solutions to process emergency driving tests for keyworkers

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