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Since its introduction in 2008, BJSS Enterprise Agile has been the primary delivery method for hundreds of projects across six industry sectors in the UK and USA.

The focus of the updated BJSS Enterprise Agile has been extended to include the full product lifecycle, while also incorporating increasingly used technologies such as DevOps, Cloud and Big Data.

Proven to Deliver Projects at Scale

BJSS Enterprise Agile was put together to help organisations generate value from technology-led products. All organisations are under pressure to adapt and change at an increasing pace. But in the current age of digital disruption, they face increased competition from new business models. Greater agility on its own is not sufficient. Organisations must remain lean and efficient and introduce technology change in a predictable low-cost manner. BJSS Enterprise Agile is designed to address these triple constraints of flexibility, predictability and efficiency in order to create value for the organisation – the key challenge facing today’s CIO.

The BJSS Enterprise Agile approach provides a guide to predictable and efficient Agile techniques for the delivery of change to technology-led products.

Developed by BJSS practitioners using experience from hundreds of successful deliveries, BJSS Enterprise Agile enables organisations to focus on user needs and deliver business value.

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