Accelerate your Data Transformation

    We collaborate with you and blend our end-to-end core consulting and technology services to help you achieve your transformation ambitions.

    Data & Advanced Analytics Platforms

    Improve customer insights and decision making

    Generate customer insights to enable improved business results through more tailored products and services, and more informed decision making.

    We’re experienced in rapidly delivering cloud-native data platforms, onboarding new data feeds, and establishing new AI/ML capabilities and tooling to help you generate greater value from your data.

    Legacy Systems & Process Modernisation

    Improve business scale and customer responsiveness

    Increase agility and scalability through process automation and legacy system rationalisation to increase business volume and cost optimisation.

    We help you reduce complexity, modernise legacy systems, automate manual processes, and become a more adaptive and responsive business using automation technologies and AI.

    Insurance Ecosystem

    Build value-enhancing partnerships

    As value-chains are disrupted, and the insurtech ecosystem grows, the agility to build rapid and resilient partnerships will be a competitive advantage.

    We deliver a connected future by creating open platforms and insurtech ecosystem integration to enable innovative and value-adding business partnerships.

    Our Focus Areas

    We work across all sectors, business areas and solutions with specialism in the following areas:


    > Commercial and personal
    > P&C Insurers
    > Life and pension
    > Reinsurers
    > Insurtech

    Business areas

    > Marketing and distribution
    > Pricing and underwriting
    > Policy administration
    > Claim processing
    > Fraud monitoring
    > Asset management

    Tech areas

    > Online and mobile channels
    > Data and analytics
    > Core platform modernisation
    > Cloud transformation
    > API’s and ecosystems

    Our Insurance Insights

    White Paper



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    Digital Transformation in Insurance conference may-22

    Reflections and key takeways

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    Our Insurance Success Stories

    Cloud-based data and analytics for motor pricing and underwriting

    BJSS delivered a strategic data and analytics solution for a leading P&C insurer to improve quote conversion, fraud monitoring and risk management.

    Increasing renewal rates using MLOps and next best action

    BJSS delivered an ML Platform and next best action model for a leading price comparison website within four months – increasing renewals by targeting those most likely to buy.

    Creating a target operating model for a life and pension consolidator

    BJSS worked with a European consolidator to run a post-merged restructure and build a new asset management function within the new organisation.

    Developing a claim data warehouse for a motor insurance company

    BJSS enabled a motor insurance company to improve business flexibility, reduce costs and develop data-driven insights by delivering a strategic cloud-based data and analytics capability.


    What services do you offer to insurance clients?
    We offer a full range of core and tightly integrated services that combine to deliver transformation outcomes for our clients: Consulting, Design, Engineering, Cloud & Platform, Data & Analytics, and Managed Service.
    What type of insurance clients do you work with?
    We have worked with an extensive range of insurance clients in the UK and beyond, including leading P&C insurers, life & pension insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries such as price comparison websites.
    What are some of the major trends affecting the insurance industry?
    The three key trends that we see in the industry include the data-driven revolution, the necessity for traditional insurers to modernise and the opportunity enabled by insurtech ecosystem integration. These are discussed in more detail in our Insurance White Paper.

    Our Financial Services Expert


    Simon Hull – Head of Financial Services

    Simon has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, both leading business-facing technology divisions and major change programmes within tier 1 firms along with leading and growing successful consulting organisations.




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