BJSS White Paper

Accelerating Insurance Digital Transformation: Three Top Tech Priorities

Digital transformation has quickly become the number one priority for insurers. Mounting pressures from market forces like the Covid pandemic, low-interest rates and changing consumer expectations are driving change. We’ve therefore developed this white paper outlining the three top tech priorities insurers should be prioritising to accelerate their digital transformation projects.

About the White Paper

Within this white paper, we explore market forces putting pressure on insurers. We then outline our top three tech priorities, based on our experience, that insurers need to prioritise when embarking on their digital transformation journey. We also offer actionable advice on what insurers should do and how – when it comes to transforming your business.

Having supported some of the world’s leading organisations with their digital transformation projects, BJSS has developed this white paper to help insurers prioritise and accelerate their transformation programmes.

We cover:

  • Introduction: An industry under pressure
  • What should insurers do, and how?
  • Data and analytics
  • What does this look like in practice?
  • Insurtech and ecosystem partnerships
  • Legacy modernisations
  • Conclusion

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