How BJSS can help you

    Drive Efficiencies


    Your challenge

    The constraints of legacy technology often mean that Traders and Analysts are not able to access the information that they require when they need it. This often leads to the creation of ‘sandbox’ environments built on the same limiting technology, with uncontrolled governance, significant data duplication and a loss of efficiency.

    How we can help

    BJSS can assess your trading technology landscape and consolidate your estate onto one platform that better serves your trading portfolio. This will remove duplication, improve governance, and increase the buy-in of Traders and Analysts, while also enhancing the performance of your trading applications.



    Your challenge

    Legacy trading applications often have limitations on scalability, with high cost and complexity associated with any increase in capacity. This significantly reduces time-to-value in an industry where speed is crucial.

    How we can help

    Migrating your trading applications to the cloud allows you to scale capacity up or down in real-time as and when required, generating immediate cost savings. With our expertise in cloud engineering and partnerships with AWS, Azure and GCP, BJSS can rapidly and securely move your trading applications to the cloud while ensuring that your data and IP remains secure. Cloud hosted applications also consume far less energy than on-premises servers, with a carbon offset benefit, too.

    Maximise Returns


    Your challenge

    We continue to see key trading models created on Excel or other limiting legacy technologies. As such, models often lack the desired levels of complexity or sophistication while also limiting the number of market data sources that can be ingested. This impacts the accuracy of the model and, ultimately, the profitability of trading decisions.

    How we can help

    With our experience in creating secure, scalable pre-trade data platforms, our highly skilled engineers will work with you to build a platform capable of ingesting a higher number of external market data sources which in turn will help to improve the accuracy and sophistication of your models. We can also apply Machine Learning and advanced analytics solutions to implement back-testing capability, which will help you to accurately forecast trading revenues. Our best-in-class AI expertise can augment your existing trading strategies, offering significant competitive advantage.

    Success Stories


    From well architected reviews, to design to migration, and optimisation to operation, our expert teams make sure you get the most out of AWS and the cloud.

    DevOps Competency
    Government Competency
    Immersion Day Partner
    Public Sector Partner
    Well Architected Partner

    Interested in Taking the Next Step?

    Well-Architected Review for Energy & Commodities Trading Applications

    This free of charge review will provide you with a consolidated report of our findings, helping you to build/deploy faster, decrease risk and make more informed decisions, while learning AWS best practice from our team of experts.

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    Capability Assessment – Energy & Commodities Trading Applications

    Gain a comprehensive report outlining the core capabilities and technologies required to facilitate the development of your future trading application on AWS. This engagement is a four-week, two part capability assessment.

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    Speak with our team

    Be Cooper

    Ben Cooper – Sales Lead, Energy, Commodities & Utilities

    Ben's career in technology started within the public sector, where he worked with some of the UK's largest ministerial departments to solve complex challenges via the delivery of innovative, enterprise scale digital solutions. Drawing on his experience within a policy driven, highly regulated environment, Ben is now responsible for managing the relationships with BJSS’ existing and prospective clients in the Energy, Commodities & Utilities sector. Ben specialises in helping energy organisations achieve their strategic goals and net-zero ambitions through successful innovation and meaningful, scalable digitalisation.





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