In 2016, a major Oil & Gas company’s projections for the trading deals valuations processing demand suggested that the capacity of its current architecture would reach its limits by 2019. Without the ability to scale application components with demand, management would not get profit-and-loss and exposure reporting in a timely manner. As the existing architecture was not compatible with the scalable cloud technology stacks, key components needed to be upgraded or migrated to access the scalable and parallel processing capacity available in the cloud.



    BJSS implemented a multi-phase migration process to update the technology stack over three years while providing service continuity alongside ongoing functional enhancements. The first goal was to move to a secure and transparent cloud hosting of the existing service. This was followed by the revision of the internal architecture to leverage cloud scalability and parallel processing. The ease of building cloud test environments also made it easier to pursue the strategic goal of embedding a DevOps culture in the project team.



    The project has doubled processing capacity for the client, ensuring 99.9% delivery within SLA for daily exposure and profit-and-loss reporting. The application has been technically refreshed to match growing business demand using scalable cloud infrastructure and the parallel processing offered by RedHat OpenShift and application services containerisation.

    Productivity and quality assurance have also benefited from having easy access to hosted environments for continuous integration and testing, as well as the creation of end-to-end test environments for larger programmes of work.

    Introducing DevOps principles was instrumental in minimising Lead-Time-To-Production and establishing a self-sufficient project team.


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