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    Could you save money and time on your department’s digital projects?

    Where are public-facing digital projects going wrong? From BJSS’s experience working on over 40 successful GDS projects, we believe the answer lies in the excessive downtime between each delivery phase. The financial impact of these delays quickly adds up, and they can prevent the delivery of value to citizens.

    Under new business case guidance from HM Treasury and GDS issued in December 2020, departments can now apply for spend approval for both the discovery and alpha phases together. While this guidance is welcome, it isn’t a silver bullet to delivering digital citizen services faster. Having taken the likes of the Department for Transport and Highways England through the GDS delivery stages in just nine weeks, we have developed this white paper to capitalise on the opportunities presented by this new guidance and help you accelerate the delivery of citizen-centric digital services.

    We cover:
    • The importance of the Public Value Framework
    • The sources delaying public-facing projects
    • The business guidance from HM Treasury and GDS
    • The four steps to faster delivery
    • How the DVSA delivered a prototype roadside payments solution in three weeks
    • How we conducted a full GDS approved delivery in just nine weeks
    • How to procure discovery and alpha phase services on the Digital Marketplace

    BJSS in the Public Sector

    Our government is made up of a complex network of ministerial departments, agencies and arms-length bodies. All of them share a simple and common goal though: to improve our lives and protect our natural rights. But remember: the public funds it. State contributions need to yield value, with an absolute focus on being ‘necessary and sufficient’.

    BJSS’ culture and delivery ethos aligns closely with the government’s, which is why over the last decade we have successfully worked in partnership with the public sector to deliver several national transformational programmes. We have made the government more efficient and accessible for citizens to interact with.


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