In March 2020, the DVSA announced that driving tests were suspended for up to three months due to the Covid-19 crisis. However, tests would still be available for critical workers. Alongside UiPath and AWS, BJSS delivered an automation solution to rapidly review and process over 48,000 requests for urgent critical worker tests in days instead of months. This vital engagement has helped the DVSA to get critical workers out on the roads.


    Following the announcement that driving tests would still be available for critical workers during the Covid-19 crisis, the DVSA received an influx of over 48,000 free-text e-mail requests from candidates. As a result, the agency faced a significant administrative task to manually review and process all of the requests. The DVSA wanted to process the requests as quickly as possible so it created a web form for candidates to complete. However, it required an automation solution to process the web forms.


    To automate the process of reviewing the web forms, the DVSA partnered with BJSS, UiPath and AWS to deliver a comprehensive RPA tool that accesses and reads the file of requests, removes any duplicate or previously processed requests, validates urgent requests, assesses ID images, filters the requests by test category, processes the filtered requests through the DVSA ‘Change Booking’ UI, handles any errors and exception scenarios and e-mails each candidate with an appropriate response.


    The project resulted in a DVSA system that has automated the process of reviewing thousands of test requests. It filters out rejections, queues manual intervention requests and has successfully booked thousands of critical worker driving tests automatically. The tool can also automate the rebooking process. Crucially, the backlog of requests were cleared in under ten working days instead of months if the RPA tool wasn’t introduced, freeing up DVSA staff to focus on key activities.

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