Delivering a global oil pricing and P&L reporting solution using Enterprise Agile® 

    This global energy company operates within 70 countries worldwide. Its mission is to find and produce oil and gas both on land and offshore in the most sustainable way. In its attempt to become a more sustainable organisation, it embarked on a three-year transformation programme to replace outdated systems and automate current manual processes. A key part of the programme was to establish a real-time exposure and global end-of-day P&L reporting capability, together with a single pricing solution across its global trading landscape.

    In addition, the system was required to become the single source of deal information to the front, middle and back-office systems.

    Succeeding where others failed 

    Several attempts to develop this capability by other vendors had been unsuccessful, resulting in significant challenges for the business and creating a strategic imperative to address the issues in a timely way. After a successful prototyping project, BJSS was awarded a contract to deliver a sophisticated system to calculate oil pricing, P&L, exposure and settlements.

    A wide-ranging piece of work using a broad spectrum of technologies 

    Working closely with the client SMEs, BAs and technical architects. BJSS employed its award-winning Enterprise Agile® development approach to deliver the system as several components spanning several releases. This approach enabled rapid time-to-business-value by allowing key functionality to be developed, tested, delivered and put into production as soon as possible, whilst BAs focused on defining other capabilities.

    This project was undertaken by a mixed team comprising over 40 BJSS consultants, client staff from all disciplines and third-party vendor consultants. The team was predominantly based on client site in London and arranged as several delivery cells, each with responsibility for their own areas.

    BJSS was fully accountable for programme management, architecture, development, integration with client legacy systems and end-to-end testing of this three-year programme of work.

    The project was a very wide-ranging piece of work which has necessitated the use of a wide range of technologies. Java was the primary development technology for all server-side pricing developments, and C# / .Net was used to produce the complex GUI required by traders. A range of ORACLE databases were deployed using a sophisticated Star Schema.

    A timely delivery of business-critical components 

    BJSS structured the project in several phases, ensuring that business benefit was delivered as early as possible. Within each release, as functionality was made available, it was integrated, tested and accepted by the business.

    By working as a trusted partner, BJSS was able to assist the client in refining requirements and planning at the programme level to ensure timely delivery of business-critical components.

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