This leading pathology service provider is a unique scientific organisation that aims to transform pathology services across the UK. The company recognised that the future of pathology services lies partially in providing the B2C market with home diagnostic services - the demand for which has grown exponentially in recent years. By working with BJSS' digital design consultancy, SPARCK, the client has been able to make its first steps into this rapidly-growing market.

    Traditionally, the client provided pathology services to a B2B audience of mostly British hospitals. Without a deep expertise of the B2C market, the client was keen to understand how it would best provide a digital testing service to the public.

    The client's pathology service is at the forefront of supporting Public Health England and the NHS to manage the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

    In a rapid 16-week engagement, the combined SPARCK and client team made this vision a reality. The project commenced by prioritising user groups and building out a plan for engaging with these groups. User interviews and workshops were conducted with a real audience of patients that suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiencies. This process helped the team understand what users needed from a digital testing service.

    The client's operating model was then assessed, and business design advice was given to enable the successful delivery of a truly digital service. Following this, SPARCK rapidly designed wireframes, information architecture and a visual design language to take forward into a prototype.

    This resulted in a working pilot application that is being tested with real users. It offers the B2C market a unique, end-to-end digital testing service that tests their blood and then displays their results.

    Within two weeks, the service attracted over 200 new customers every day and has enabled the company to take its first steps in the rapidly growing home diagnostics market.

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