As part of the NHS’ mission to become a fully digital health service, the sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) within NHS Midlands were tasked with refreshing their Local Digital Roadmaps (LDRs).

    To assist with this project, BJSS was invited to work with senior CIOs and leaders across the NHS Midlands region, to provide Agile coaching. The workshop delivered by BJSS helped to ensure the leaders’ LDRs aligned with Agile and innovation principles, which will prove crucial to the delivery of their roadmaps.

    “The workshop to explore digital trends, discuss how innovation is driving digital transformation in other industries and draw parallels to our NHS journey was extremely valuable.”

    Eddie Olla, Regional Director For Digital Transformation at NHS Midlands

    Bringing the roadmaps to life

    The STPs delivered the first drafts of their LDRs, which included a roadmap for their Local Health and Care Record (LHCR) programmes. The roadmaps were then reviewed by the local area team who required additional support to inject some innovation principles into the plans, as well as a view of how to get to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

    BJSS was selected to provide this support by working with several senior CIOs and leaders across the NHS Midlands region to infuse their LDRs with principles aligned to both Agility and innovation.

    This programme of work involved BJSS providing coaching to the senior leaders around techniques to crowdsource innovation from within their organisations to create ambitious and achievable LDRs.

    Delivering the workshop

    To kick-start the engagement, the healthcare leaders from across the region attended a workshop at BJSS’ Birmingham office. BJSS consultants introduced a range of challenges and opportunities based on its experience from working with the health, public and private sectors. These ranged from Brexit to AI and automation. The delegates discussed and prioritised these issues and then using Agile techniques moved to ideate and design prototypes to address these issues.

    BJSS consultants challenged the delegates during the ideation phase so they could develop the best possible LDRs.

    Generating confidence

    The attendees came away from the workshop armed with tools to support their discovery activity, which shaped the projects and their developing LDRs.

    This included canvasses and techniques to embed innovation into programme design and supporting rapid prototyping and ideation activities.

    The proven methodologies and techniques shared with delegates have been tried and tested by BJSS consultants. The attendees are now more confident of their successes because of the coaching provided during the workshops. BJSS consultants also supported the attendees to become aware of Agile ways of working within the confines of NHS structures.

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