The client manages and develops digital products for 13 worldwide markets of a household name Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR). The business wanted a strategic review of its digital delivery model to identify areas for improvement to support its double-digit growth ambition over the next three years. 

    In pursuit of this, BJSS analysed the client’s end-to-end product development process and provided recommendations for changes to processes and organisational structure. Implementing these changes has allowed the client to increase efficiency, facilitate agile working best practice and better serve franchisees. 

    The Challenge

    The client was set up by the QSR brand as an independent business to manage and develop digital products, such as e-commerce and mobile app capabilities, for its franchisees. Since its creation, the client has onboarded 13 international markets for the restaurant brand, including the United Kingdom, Canada, France, India, and the Philippines. 

    The organisation had originally operated on more of a start-up model, starting with just 13 employees. However, over three and a half years, this had grown to more than 100 staff across three offices in the United States, the UK and Vietnam. 

    This rapid growth had created challenges for the client’s operating model. Digital delivery had become reactive, focusing on immediate requests for market-critical products and features over long-term strategic roadmaps and goals. Also, inefficient and inconsistent working practices were hindering collaboration across the three international offices. 

    To realise its growth potential and continue to serve the needs of its markets, the client realised that it needed to transform its digital delivery model and business practices so they were fit for purpose.

    The Solution

    BJSS was tasked with conducting a strategic review of the client’s digital delivery model to find where improvements could be made to generate greater efficiency and scalability.  

    At the first step of the eight-week project, BJSS conducted an ‘As-Is’ analysis, developing a service blueprint that mapped the client’s entire end-to-end process for creating digital products, with a particular focus on demand and portfolio management. This helped to identify where the opportunities for improvement were. 

    Alongside this, BJSS conducted a Digital Maturity Assessment across six different categories, including delivery practices, governance and organisational structure, to determine the client’s performance against its market-leading competitors. This involved interviewing 40 people across the business and running workshops to assign the organisation a maturity score against each of the six categories.  

    From these assessments, BJSS developed a series of detailed recommendations for how PHDV could reach its desired ‘To-Be' state, including: 

    • A framework for stakeholder engagement to manage demand from the franchisee markets. 
    • A backlog process to effectively prioritise the highest-value jobs. 
    • A proposed new organisational structure, including the creation of additional roles designed to increase efficiency and support future scalable growth. 
    • Agile working best-practices to standardise and improve ways of working across product development teams, both locally and internationally. 
    • A recommended set of KPIs to measure the success of the digital delivery model, as well as guidance on how to measure those KPIs. 

    Finally, BJSS created a change management approach and business case, which included a roadmap setting out the steps to get the client from the As-Is state to the To-Be state. This included a financial analysis that demonstrated the benefits of the proposed changes to the business.  

    The Benefits

    BJSS was able to bring a truly multi-disciplinary team to this project, comprised of specialists from Design, Agile DevOps, Delivery, Change Management, as well as specific industry expertise in Retail and Quick Service Restaurants. 

    This meant BJSS could give the client a three-dimensional view of the changes needed to support its growth ambitions, backed by genuine knowledge and best practice experience from the team.  

    As a result, the solutions proposed by BJSS were realistic, pragmatic, and actionable, supported by a thorough change management plan that detailed the exact steps needed to make the recommended structural, organisational and procedural changes.  

    Crucially, because BJSS brought the key stakeholders along on every step of the journey, the client recognised the value of the changes suggested. The business is now implementing the proposed structure as a key part of enabling its ambitions for double-digit growth over the next three years, with the following expected benefits: 


    • Highers rates of delivery predictability. 
    • Improvement in average lead time from development to live, supported by Agile ways of working. 
    • Higher ratio of strategic vs reactive work completed, enabling the business to meet its strategic objectives more effectively. 

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