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    Your challenge

    Upstream simulations are incredibly complex. Analysis of key data and the data cleaning and plot creation process can take weeks, sometimes months. These delays can impact profitability.

    How we can help

    BJSS has extensive experience in creating and implementing APIs to read, clean and analyse large quantities of data, reducing simulation time from months to minutes. 



    Your challenge

    Predicting the yield of oil and gas fields involves huge, complex datasets that are challenging to analyse and interpret. Errors or inaccuracies in this area are extremely costly.

    How we can help

    With a strong pedigree in Data & AI solutions, BJSS is able to consolidate multiple rich, disparate datasets to create more accurate predictive models. These in turn lead to better decision making that maximises ROI.



    Your challenge

    The stakeholder landscape across Upstream and Midstream is complex, with people from a variety of backgrounds and a wide range of technical competence across the portfolio. Despite this, key information needs to understood and analysed.

    How we can help

    With BJSS’ strong data visualisation expertise and utilising the tools available via our cloud partners, BJSS can create visualisations that can be easily understood and interpreted by anyone, regardless of technical competence. This facilitates greater buy-in across the organisation and allows all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

    Success Stories

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    Be Cooper

    Ben Cooper – Sales Lead, Energy, Commodities & Utilities

    Ben's career in technology started within the public sector, where he worked with some of the UK's largest ministerial departments to solve complex challenges via the delivery of innovative, enterprise scale digital solutions. Drawing on his experience within a policy driven, highly regulated environment, Ben is now responsible for managing the relationships with BJSS’ existing and prospective clients in the Energy, Commodities & Utilities sector. Ben specialises in helping energy organisations achieve their strategic goals and net-zero ambitions through successful innovation and meaningful, scalable digitalisation.




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